• Don’t throw it away. Fix it!

  • Don’t throw it away. Fix it!

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for welding repairs.
Car Frame Repair Buffalo, NY

TIG welding is used to join thin and dissimilar metals. Our technicians have mastered this difficult technique to create a high-quality weld with aesthetic appeal.

Metal Fabrication Buffalo, NY

MIG welding is a fast and versatile method, providing you with efficient repairs. This method allows us to join thin materials of different compositions in a wide variety of applications.

Plasma Cutting Buffalo, NY

We perform welding repairs in a wide range of applications. Contact us for road service or on-site installations.

Welding Repair in Buffalo, NY

Don’s Welding is located in Buffalo, NY and provides customers with expert welding repair services. Our shop is in strict compliance with OSHA regulation, and we emphasize the importance of safety in all that we do. Our team is comprised of state-certified technicians who value quality work on all of our projects.

Dependable Service

We perform a variety of services, specializing in metal fabrication, welding, welding repair, and finishing. When you come to Don’s Welding, know that you will receive professional service and quality radiator repair, welding repair, and other repairs. Our expertise in TIG and MIG welding allows us to provide you with the best repairs for your specific need.

From metal fabrication to car frame repair & more, we are your #1 welding service!

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